PROCOMCURE Biotech Protein Interaction Service


PROCOMCURE Biotech has acquired and published expert knowledge in protein interaction analysis and verification. Whether you work in basic, pharmaceutical, cosmetic or agro-biotech research, we support your project with experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment to study protein interaction.

Yeast Two-hybrid (Y2H) screening is the classical high-throughput screening technology for the study of protein-protein interactions. It was first utilized by Stanley Fields and Ok-Kyu Song two decades ago and has since been enhanced to be used for the initial identification of potential protein interactors. PROCOMCURE has established the construction of improved Yeast Two-Hybrid libraries, protocols and strains combined with an automated workflow. These libraries can increase the number of new candidates in Y2H screenings by representing additional correct candidate genes and thus outperform a classical Y2H library (1). From project design to final results, everything is performed in-house. Thus, we can be as flexible as your project requires.




  • Identification of new interaction partners
  • Screening of full-length proteins, peptides and fragments or specific domains as interaction partners
  • Pathway elucidation and identification
  • Unraveling of mechanism of action (screening of specific domains)