Custom Peptide Synthesis Service

PROCOMCURE Biotech offers a variety of custom tailored peptides for you. This also includes “hard to make” peptides, various modifications and also peptides labeled with isotopes for NMR work.


Scale and Purity

Depending on your application(s), our labs produce peptides on a milligram (mg) to gram (g) scale, and with different purities.  All synthesized peptides are validated by both HPLC and mass spectroscopy.


PuritySuitable Applications
>75%antigens (polyclonals), antibody purification (polyclonals), ELISA
>85%antigens (polyclonals), antibody purification (polyclonals), ELISA, quantitative biochemical and enzymatic assays, affinity purification, cell attachment, Western blotting, electrophoresis
>95%antigens (monoclonals), quantitative biochemical assays (receptor binding, competitive binding, phosphorylation, proteolysis, enzymatic inhibition), structural biology, NMR, mass spec, other in vitro or in vivo studies
>98%pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, SAR, X-ray crystallography


Difficult Synthesis

So called “hard to make” peptides rich in proline- or glycine residues, highly hydrophobic or highly charged ones as well as long peptides (>40 amino acids) can be synthesized.


Special Modifications


Type Modification Options
methylationArg, Lys, Ser, Thr, Tyr, Cys (side chains) and backbone N
acetylationLys and others
phosphorylationSer, Thr, Tyr
N-Terminalacetylation and others
C-Terminalamidation, cystamidation, esteration and others
labelsbiotination, fluorescence labels
special amino acidse.g., beta and gamma amino acids
protein conjugationBSA, KHL, OVA and others
cyclizationcyclic amide, thioester, lactone, disulfide bond linkage and others


Isotope-Labeled (Heavy) Peptides


Alanine3 C13 atoms and 1 N15 atom
Arginine6 C13 atoms and 4 N15 atoms
Glycine1 N15 atom
Lysine6 C13 atoms and 2 N15 atoms
Leucine6 C13 atoms and 1 N15 atom, or 6 C15 atoms
Valine5 C13 atoms and 1 N15 atom
Proline5 C13 atoms and 1 N15 atom


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