Custom Protein Expression Service

PROCOMCURE Biotech offers a full custom production and purification for the protein of your interest. You can choose between different purities and expression hosts.

Scale and Purity
Depending on your application(s), we offer a milligram (mg) to gram (g) scale, and different purities.
Expression host
Choose E.coli for low-cost production, or eukaryotic hosts for post-translational modification
PuritySuitable Applications
>85%ELISA, quantitative biochemical and enzymatic assays, affinity purification, cell attachment, Western blotting, electrophoresis
>95%quantitative biochemical assays (receptor binding, competitive binding, phosphorylation, proteolysis, enzymatic inhibition), structural biology, NMR, mass spec, other in vitro or in vivo studies
>98%pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, SAR, X-ray crystallography


If your protein is commonly used for a variety of applications, please visit our protein catalogue in the product section to check if it is already in stock and save costs.


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