With its patented technology for identifying protein-binding peptides, PROCOMCURE has identified high-affinity ligands that can be used as adsorbents for therapeutic apheresis. This work was done in collaboration with Fresenius Medical Care Krems and FH Krems University of Applied Sciences. PROCOMCURE’s technology for novel ligands for aphaeresis procedures is a unique screening procedure capable of identifying peptides binding to almost any protein. Using chip-based arrays & pools of highly diverse recombinant peptide libraries, binders are selected from the enormous molecular diversity, and then further optimized for high-affinity binding by “in vitro evolution” (see section on Technology). The peptides, once identified, can be produced synthetically or converted to peptidomimetics, such as cyclic peptides, which may have improved properties with respect to the application in aphaeresis, i.e. improved affinity and specificity but also chemical stability, re-usability, and sterilization-resistance. Focusing on selective antibody depletion, we aim to improve the technologies needed to obtain new ligands for new indications. The new ligands shall be peptides and peptidomimetics, the indications autoantibody-mediated kidney diseases that can be treated by plasmapheresis methods.

PROCOMCURE would welcome opportunities to collaborate with partners having expertise in the field of blood purification, apheresis and dialysis.


logo-moldevlogo-imc-fachhochschule-krems-gmbh.companybigUsing its complete set of expressed proteins (see section on Technology), PROCOMCURE develops technology for high-density protein chips (arrays) for fluorescence applications. This work is on commission from a joint venture of US-based Molecular Devices and the Fh Krems Applied University of Sciences, and shall result in prototype devices. PROCOMCURE has prepared fluorophore-labeled protein sets, antibody based selective probes and shown first utilities of the approach in the laboratory (biological validation). The technical validation for the detection technologies in various formats and devices, including chip-technologies, can therefore now be addressed.

PROCOMCURE would welcome additional opportunities to collaborate with partners in the field of novel reagents and analytical devices.


ELIGOCHEMIn high-throughput screening PROCOMCURE works with Eligochem Ltd., a UK-based medicinal chemistry company, to obtain and select inhibitors of protein-protein interactions. PROCOMCURE’s technologies to study protein-protein interactions are used to select lead compounds for novel antibiotics, and elucidate their modes of and spectrum of actions. These bacterial hub proteins as well as designed mutant thereof, produced by PROCOMCURE, are the key reagents in the discovery of new antibiotics. The combined assets we provide shall guarantee that true inhibitors of protein-protein interactions can be separated from mere binders.

PROCOMCURE would welcome additional opportunities to collaborate with partners to obtain and select inhibitors of protein-protein interactions.


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