Why Yeast Two-Hybrid Screening?


  • Highly customizable and sensitive – your project can be carried out with full-length proteins, peptides or fragments of domains
  • In-vivo quality – the eukaryotic screening system provides post translational modification and correct folding of eukaryotic proteins: discovery of physiologically relevant protein interactions.



  • Perfected vectors and protocols for exhaustive and rapid screening
  • Automation & robotics to speed up your project
  • Extensive quality control to reduce false-positives at several stages
  • Included re-analysis to guarantee reproducibility
  • Extensive data sheets of your results in “ready-to-publish” quality
  • Availability of post-screening evaluation techniques
  • All services & solutions from one single provider


Additional services

If further evaluation of interaction partners is required, PROCOMCURE Biotech offers a large variety of custom analyses including native protein/peptide expression, immune precipitation, pull-down analysis, biolayer interferometry, FRET, BRET, fluorescence polarization, alpha screening, co-localization etc. (read more)